I read about “Future Poetry” by Aurobindo Ghosh. I don’t know what he meant by it. But here is the way, I see it happening.

One side effect of being on the road, away from the desk, even when the freewheeling effect of studies, is running like a persistent asymptote, in the back ground, is an inter disciplinary spillover.

Time scaling is an important concept for all the DSP guys.

Explanation: If we have two similar graphs[with x-y axes],one below the other, and if we have the scale markings on the x-axis of the top and the bottom graph by hours and days respectively, if we bring any figure from the top graph to the bottom intact, we are indeed scaling it by a factor of 24, as there are 24 hours in a day.

This process has very deep philosophical and epistemological strings attached to it. It is a very often used tool in many mathematical procedures.

Instead of working further problems towards finishing my work, when I stupidly while away, a thought pops up!

Now how will it reflect in poetry?

That late lyricist, had penned a crisp popular anthem in Taal, as

Ramthaa jogi vo ramthaa jogi

sAri madushAlA pI Aya

mI ek pal me sadiyA ji AyA

Yes this is the apt example! in a second or moment [Ek pal ],

centuries [sadiyA] are lived..

Now coming to infinite series, we have a more immediate example. In my post called “blogonomy” [] the last two lines are the representation of

summation, i from 1 to infinity, of N divided by 2 times i is always less than N.

Now I am gone.

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