tat sat

Just before I vanish from this blog:

Ya dEvi sarva BUtESu Sakthi rUpENa samsthita

namstasyai namastasyai namastasyai namon namaha


BadrankaraneBihi SrunayAma dEvAhA

Badram paSye mAksha Bir yajatrAha

stirE rangaistuSTuvAgam sasthanUBihi

vyashEma dEva hitam yadaayuhu

swastinah indrO vrudda SravAha

swasthinah pUSa viSwa vEdAha

swasthinastArkshyo ariSTa nEmihi

swasthinO bruhaspatir dadhAtUh

Om shanti-hi shaanti-hi shaanti-hi

-Atharva SIrsha

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  1. MikkinI dont agree with what you said”the center of your soul is your true inner”ni dont think so.then what is the awareness???/where does Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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