After leaping over seven seas, I go back two centuries to Mirza Galib.

Hazaaro khwaahishe aise ke

har khwaahish pe dum nikale!

bahut nikeale mere armaan

phir bhi kum nikale….

Thousands of such wishes

For each, my heart [life] goes out…

A Lot of aspirations, I spend

yet , they fell short …

Its time I get real. My life was always at risk. I was busy surviving all the time. When would I LIVE?

Ah, This is it!

I give it to LIFE. NOW.

tat deva lagnam sudinam tat eva

taara balam chandra balam tat eva.


What to do of the letters

I write and put in my bag

for I know not where you are,

I live here with my silence,

words and untold heart

what else are you up to ?

I sketch your body with curves

But I stop doing the face

why are you still hiding?

I know not your name

Come in front of me to hold me

And say You really are the One.

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