I read sUryana kudure by Ananthamurthy. ..not bad…very stylish.
I skimmed through BhAratIya Kavya mimAmse … by ti nam SrI … its good. But for my demands on time it deserved more attention.
I read BhAskara paTElaru matthu nAnu , a transaltion of a malayalam story by Paul Zakaria, founder of asianet. That story was also made into a movie by Adoor titled “Vidheyan”. Its outright in the Chekov class. Goddaamit. It is in the monthly Kannada Magazine Mayura. If you get a chance, then read it. May be movie is also good, but I don’t understand a word of Malayalam except korangan which means monkey. What a hell of a story. ayyayyappO
I asked the CD shop guy to give me. He seems not to have it.
What an irony! Prashant could see Vidheyan, 8 and half, Apu trilogy and all such movies at U of California, here we get nothing!!! of course nothing but the ever available nameless ones!!! (:-…..
Recently whizkid Dr Terence Tao got Fields Medal, Dr.Kiran Kedlaya missed(:-( [two more chances only! ] and Dr Perelman rejected it…Ayyaayyappo
I was told by the photographer today, at the photo shop that my face is not photogenic (:-( because I open my eyes too much … I believe his reason has some thing to it (:-(
My back pain is still a worry, mind is absolutely blank, work is not moving…

Tomorrow I shall launch…. Allah ho akbar.

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