The measure

I am revisiting concepts of orthogonality in my studies. As most of the things, the corruption in the world has many dimensions. One of them falls on time scale. I have found the exact measure of the instantaneous value corruption in the actual universe, when sampled daily.

For each day, it is equal to the number of seconds that pass between my alarm ringing and my getting up!

Today it measured exactly 5 hours. Hell with me…
Worst men discuss men.

Worse men discuss situations.

Bad men discuss ideas!

Inshaallah…. My back pain should reduce a bit today.

The violence and the operation had screwed up my posture.

Let me shut up now. Today I am too corrupted.

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I read sUryana kudure by Ananthamurthy. ..not bad…very stylish.
I skimmed through BhAratIya Kavya mimAmse … by ti nam SrI … its good. But for my demands on time it deserved more attention.
I read BhAskara paTElaru matthu nAnu , a transaltion of a malayalam story by Paul Zakaria, founder of asianet. That story was also made into a movie by Adoor titled “Vidheyan”. Its outright in the Chekov class. Goddaamit. It is in the monthly Kannada Magazine Mayura. If you get a chance, then read it. May be movie is also good, but I don’t understand a word of Malayalam except korangan which means monkey. What a hell of a story. ayyayyappO
I asked the CD shop guy to give me. He seems not to have it.
What an irony! Prashant could see Vidheyan, 8 and half, Apu trilogy and all such movies at U of California, here we get nothing!!! of course nothing but the ever available nameless ones!!! (:-…..
Recently whizkid Dr Terence Tao got Fields Medal, Dr.Kiran Kedlaya missed(:-( [two more chances only! ] and Dr Perelman rejected it…Ayyaayyappo
I was told by the photographer today, at the photo shop that my face is not photogenic (:-( because I open my eyes too much … I believe his reason has some thing to it (:-(
My back pain is still a worry, mind is absolutely blank, work is not moving…

Tomorrow I shall launch…. Allah ho akbar.

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