It happens

Some days ago there was a series of 
non-events that got to the extreme to  
leave me frustrated.I was going through 
the reactionary work of D.R .Nagaraj,
 Allama Prabhu Matthu Shaiva prathibe,
 which had such a tone of 
criticism of the prevalent nationalised 
view of  Indian Philosophy, 
of Das Guptha,that 
 it really popped up many  interesting 
points regarding the issues
 of translation and the vernacular's
 socio-anthropological so 
called singularities. In a very deep 
sense I  was really going through a
 very piece of reactionary literary 
 scholastic work..As the going got tough,
 as my correspondence works met 
a dead end during week-end, I decided 
to go to the canteen and sip 
tea with "colorful" 
view around and finish  this book,
 which I had prioritised to be
 before I go ahead with my mail
 works.Then as usual there were many 
attractive girls, some with boys
  many without!, being themselves, 
chatting and in abandon. I wonder 
are these girls more beautiful
 then those of the previous  generation
 or that these get them selves
 suitable haircuts and dress to 
 maximise the impact, rather than the 
monotonously dressed and monotonously 
 done hair of the previous generation? 
after all how can I say! The  impact
 being a serious function of the 
readiness of my self to get impacted ,
 makes an objective assessment impossible.
 So, any way I just bask in  the 
thrill of the moment that my circumstances allow me to.
 And there was this group of 5 girls
 sitting around diagonally facing me,
 two tables away, making  huge noice.
I was thinking how destituted 
the rigour of my work  
is making me, by placing a demand on my 
time so tight, that I am surely 
 without any concession, to be devouted to
 this lone cause while life  with 
so much of "these" around me, 
gets un touched and unfelt. In a 
vague flight of delussion I was 
thinking how would it be if I  would 
go and and talk to them, and 
have some fun? Allas there was no 
reason for me to relate to them or identify
 with them which made this fantasy  an
 impossibly abberated reality.
Hence I turned the page to delve into 
 the objection Nagaraj finds in the
 ideological ways of Allama with the 
 anthropological diversions of the 
Veerashaiva Movement and how he  
compromises his epistemological stands. 
Then I survived that hard core analysis
 and entered the section where he 
addresses the objection of Allama about
 the Tatvamasi  of  Adishandkaracharya. 
Then I suddenly heard Hello, 
I look up and the girl from that
 group whose morphology had achieved
 the maximum share of my attention 
span is infront of me! I said yes!
 but with an annoyed 
face as if to make it clear that 
I was  being disturbed from my study.
She asked "Do I know you?" I Dont 
know, pat came the reply. Then she said
 "I mean I thought I had seen 
you some where." I said "may be!" 
Well, at this level, since I did not
have any genuine desire or affinity
for an aquaintance this really annoyed.
I looked annoyed too. Then she asked
 where am I from, I told about 
my college and my stint  at the 
company and the Institute. The girl 
appologised and went off.
 I was since at a very interesting 
stage of the book reverted back with
  no momentum loss, from this what
 could have been a sweet diversion.
 I went back and finished the book.
Meanwhile I finished two more cups 
of tea. While that girl again was crossing me,
 I just asked her had she been  to 
Institute for some reason, 
as there is a chance that she
 might have seen  me there? 
She bluntly said ,
"Look We were playing a game called 
'who dares?' ".
 In that we have to do some
 thing daring. I was asked to 
come and ask about your 
details which I did. Apart from that
 it was nothing else. 
"I have never seen you and sorry for 
your inconvenience". 
uff As Always !!! Why me? Well,
 I did not even have the 
next page of the philosophical 
text to revert back. I just 
had to tell myself... 
It happens Dude!! It happens!!!
   Moral of the story:- There is some 
thing about my exterior, atleast,  
which makes girls need "daring" 
to approach me! Its time I correct
 it  completely and become inviting...
 I dont have much time 
... Soon I shall be swept off my feet,
 by my other half...
 I am getting ready  mate!!!
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  1. huh.. life acts like a jerk sometimes. you don’t find solace in the book you read; and when you come back to reality, it sucks more!

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