With kaveri tribunal’s verdict and city corporation giving water once in three days, the ritual of baths are solemnized by

gangecha yamunechaiva godavari saraswathi

narmade sindhu kaveri, amazon nile mississippi

jalesmin sannidhinkuru

 With the battle field getting bloody between norton McCaffe and AVG, each would invite proliferation of virus along with the ever-spying software popularly called WindowsXP, before booting system [with internet connection]

Apa Dhuurthanthu ye bhootha, ye bhootha jaala samsthitha

ye bhootha viGhna karthaaraha, the nashyanthu shivaagnaya

After the boom of IT and ITES the anthropology of our academic times goes by

Aakashaath pathithan thoyam yathaagachchathi saagaram

sarvavidyaa  arjanethi  software  prathigachchathi

With the computers becoming smarter, and people becoming intricately dependent on them, not just functionally……… well all of us becoming just clients of at the human ends for big servers.

So? the ever enchanting invocation of

Kshyisali shivethara kruthi kruthiyalli

moodali mangaLa mathi mathiyalli

kavi rushi santhara aadrarshadali

sarvodayavaagali server-rali

ad sari aadre… client-alli?




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