Safer World!

One guy lost his mother soon after his birth. He was encouraged to be a learned man, and was tutored a lot in philosophy, oriental mostly. This guy was mainly supported  by his Grandpa who , a rich man, devoting all his resources to make him “wise” and may be enlightened. Suddenly his grandpa died (:-( . This guy lost direction, left college, went on shouting from as many podiums as he could, he went out of his mother organization shouting at its poster boy some horrible shit, got married blew up all his grandpa’s money, had three kids, moved out of family, got some other patron in a lonely European woman (what is it with these single western women? Do  they think oriental guys as some hunky mysterious, and fascinating? ). Lived with her on her money; May be he wanted more!, so one day said , in the words of  G-1, “Bulb hathkothu”= “I am enlightened”. He from then on revived his shouting, this time with lowered sound and greater malice. In small groups and staying amongst those who paid his bills. Finally he died.

Alas, the world has less audio noise for his demise, and much less malice and contempt in air.

There is a guy who, usually takes Hollywood stories, Pakistani music , casts non-superstar materials and churns out films, when he is not “selling his wounds”[in affective way] as he ran out of them due to his rate of blabber. This guy befriended that recently died guy, 3 decades ago, to come out of the clout of another “enlightened ” man. He seems addicted to the need to cling to one or the other. This late guy was a master in getting guys clinging to him[paying his bills!], by telling they are not.

The poster boy of his former mother organization was famous for “making his listener’s head empty” putting them in “pathless land”, while this guy was notorious for making the listeners’ “heads missing” , applying Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to people, or some thing close to it, challenging the notion of their being!

The poster boy died of cancer, while the later due to spasms in his heart last month.

The senior undid all he did, went and apologized to those he had hurt, albeit after they died in front of their graves in secret, while the recently died one was master of saying self-contradictory things.

Both shared their given names. Both felt hopeless about the other, but related to essentially.

In my wandering years, my pathless manners got their stuff visited, and for those memories, here is an obituary.

Thank God, there is death!

Even for …

Mistaken by birth,

Messed up in Life,

Abducted by Salvation,

Rescued by DEATH.

Zindagi veeran banjar

jis se ut gayi basthiya

Zindagi Khola samundar

jis me DUbi kaStiyAn

Jisko kahtE ho Janam

Vo maut kI SuruvAt hi

Zindagi kya bAth hi

Zindagi kya bAth hi

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  1. The man who tried to be private all along , got his death made a public event.
    His last moments are recorded on video here:

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