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One day I had the chance to interact with U.R.A’s close friend Rajeev Tharanath, the student of Ali Akbar Khan. I was remembering the film music he had composed and on that day was on a high due to some Mozart.

I asked him

Sir, How is it that you, who do both composing and performance, can give more time to the later, when you can have a chance to experience the greater realm of ecstasy of finding a new thing in composing?

I will never forget his answer in my life, which went as follows.

I don’t think I am looking for “hosathana” novelty in my musical endeavor as much as I am looking for “hada”, harmony.

His further elaboration would look like this in rough English translation.

When I can achieve that, due to lack of noiselessness inside myself, during the course of rendering a raga in its pristine state, I would have resonated with the natural [Ananda] bliss.

It is not “Vismaya” that is at the root of all the spiritual experience but that harmony cognized as bliss, Ananda.

It took two days to verbalize myself out of his argument.

Anando Brahmethi vyajanaath

AanadaaDhyeva KKhalvimaani BBhuthaani jaayanthayy

AAnandena Jaathaani Jeevanthi

Aanandam PrayanthyaBBhisamvishanthi

Rough translation goes like this.

Everything starts from, exists due to, moves towards and Ends into Ananada.

And lack of that harmony, at the actual level, and involvement was my objection in that much read and debated post.

I remember Prashanth also pointing out his similar reservations about “The little prince”. Of course in Kannada, Meshtru puts it best. By trying to broaden literary vision, the life must not be curtailed. [This ugadi visheshanka of Lankesh]

Alas, it took me 2 days to verbalize and come out clear of his argument; co-incidentally my correspondence work also reached a stage of certainty, relieving me immensely.

But I, realized how much depth and facilitations go into his arguments and am quite surprised. I expected much worse.

Now I don’t need my poems to prove my point. I have categorically cleared the air conclusively: in the words of Bertrand Russell, defining by intention rather than defining by extension.

Now I am really lagging in my schedule. If I don’t want to kill myself soon, I must go and start working towards fulfilling my duties. I hope any one who has been misled by his arguments would take this into his cognition and get clarified and be happy.

Bye for now. Allahoakbar.

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