When will is more than wont

The owner of the blog, where I left my write up titled “When wont is more than will” has deleted it. He also has replied with great valor on his blog.

I will leave it at that. But I stand firmly behind what I wrote. In essence I always held that stand. Now if I take those stands , in literature and its epistemology, and there are differences of opinions, then its OK.

I did not leave that post to negate his opinion. He is a giant, one of those who taught our generation to speak, just like Shree Lankesh [Mesthru] sir taught to question. I wanted to look further.

I never thought that any one would ever read my blogs or write ups. Since I had two comments here, I believe some read them. So, I thought, to substantiate my stand, I shall post my poems in the future blogs, which subscribe to what my stands were, in terms of literature.

Let me see how it works.

Its not some thing to negate a great , but is to emulate.– Shah Rukh Khan, said some thing nearly like this a decade ago.

But I don’t know about the copy write act here so I am a bit worried. Till I figure out that may be my poems have to wait.

I would be interested to get in touch with any one who has musical inclination and composing skills, and finds my poems[which are in Hindhi, English and Kannada] interesting to work on, as a purely commercial enterprise.

Finally I thank the owner of that “Blog” for deleting my write up, as I had left my address which would have caused irrelavant mails and responses to me, here. As the title of my blog, I live a quite life.

On a personal note, I must … catch up with work schedule.

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